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Send us your project information and get 3 conceptual solutions

  • Each entry will get you:
  • 3 x basic 2D plan with basic measurements  (3x 1 floor plan + 1 side plan)
  • 1 to max 3 3D sketches (no real materials)
  • short description

Price: 20 Eur/m3

Step by step

1 step: Send us your sketch (floor plan with dimensions), few pictures and a short description of your project.

2 step: Pay the invoice. The price is calculated recording to data received.

3 step: Payment received – we start on your project.

4 step:  After 14-21 days you receive a PDF file with our solutions.

5 step: Use your favorit solution and enjoy the results.


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After we receive your form we will contact you in 3 working days

Contact us and we will design your world.


Note: The received material is designed based on the submitted data. Refunds are not possible after you receive the project. All corrections are charged extra. The client is responsible for the submitted data and the final realisation. The project must be coordinated with the contractor before realization. Coordination with the contractor is not included in the price and is charged extra

See our reference

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